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Preservation, a level up

To a growing global demand for better nutrition, health and environmental protection, advanced technology offers yet another convincing answer: lyophiliosis, in other words, freeze drying. It is simply the best and all-natural way to preserve natural ingredients for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals,  and biotech, among other industries. We are here to offer this superior preservation method to producers on all scales. Starting today!

FORLONG by Gellert

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for generations

Our Neanderthal ancestors enjoyed the benefits of meat fermentation for millennia, gazelle ribs and tenderloins were smoked and dried 19 thousand years ago in present-day Jordan, neolithic hunter-gatherers in the Sahara -way before it became a desert- were found to have cooked and preserved vegetables in clay pots, Scots and Irishmen buried butter in peat bogs from the Bronze Age throughout the 18th century, salt became currency for its preservative qualities only until recently. The struggle against food spoilage continues! Enter freeze drying!

Less moisture, more quality

Proven by science
offered to the

Unlike scientists, many manufacturers and product developers are not familiar with Lyophiliosis -freeze-drying, in layman's terms. Like most innovative technologies, freeze drying has been adopted by large-scale producers but for the majority it is still uncharted waters.

Nevertheless, the time has now come to literally take the water away from the foods and help you chart a course for your next leap forward in the business world by increasing the variety of products you can offer!


Would you buy a 10-year old salmon filet?
Never… unless, it’s been freeze-dried!

What is probably edible -though questionably nutritious- after 5 years in a tin can, if freeze-dried, can still be confidently consumed with its protein, vitamins, carbs and other nutrients unaltered in the slightest 20 years after! Impressive, isn’t it?

A snapshot of our success stories

You wouldn’t believe blueberries were so good if we couldn’t prove it. Freeze dry releases Chios Citrus’ full potential! Kiwi fussiness has gone to dust. Mastic gum: from ancient remedy to modern pharmaceutical use. See all our success stories and prepare yourself to read yours!

Forlong™ by Gellert Engineering

Forlong™ is an advanced technology setup for biotech, pharma, nutraceutical and food industries. An ever growing number of manufacturers, R&D scientists, and product developers endorse the Forlong™ lyophilisation technology and equipment to improve the quality and longevity of their produce.

Why and how Gellert Engineering
became a champion of freeze-drying

We have been born into a family of suppliers of high-tech equipment for academia and business. When we first came across the freeze-drying methods in the late 00's, we could straightforward see the pro's and con's of the then available technology and set out to develop even better solutions.

No pinch of salt needed!

Scale it up at your own pace!
You don’t have to take our word for it. Try the freeze-drying technology yourselves, make your own experiments and calculations, prove our claims at your convenience in the safety of your own premises. Order your Forlong Cryo20™right here and now!
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